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Richard Hammond's Crash Course returns for Season 2 in October 2012

Richard Hammond’s Crash Course is back this fall with all new challenges.

Richard Hammond is taken out of his comfort zone to face some of the biggest challenges of his life in the second season of BBC AMERICA’s original series Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, produced by BBC Worldwide Productions. Season two of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course premieres in October 2012.

In season one, viewers saw Hammond traverse the US, joining various job sites to master America’s largest and most dangerous vehicles. From learning the positions of a US Army MIA2 Abrams tank at Fort Bliss in Texas, to maneuvering a two-ton wrecking ball in Orlando and The Compactor at the Denver Regional Landfill, Richard Hammond has proven he is a master of machines.

This season, Hammond will immerse himself in uniquely American – often terrifying – vocations. In each episode, he will tackle new, and at times frightening challenges, with less than five days to master each job. Can he conquer his fear of heights and jump from the top of a bridge as a Hollywood stuntman? Will he lose his grip (and suffer a venomous bite) when he takes on the role of a snake handler? From the true grit of a Texas cattle ranch to driving a taxi in New York City, viewers will see Richard Hammond absorb the advice of mentors and attempt to master skills that often take years to learn.

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    They already finished shooting the second season. The Coordinator is a complete cunt. You should want nothing to do with...
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    How can I become a PA on this?!
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