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Doctor Who Fans

Doctor Who fans please always know, we hear you. There has been an overwhelming response for the Doctor Who premiere screening today. We booked the biggest movie theater available in NYC, one that typically hosts blockbuster movie premieres. We wish that, like the TARDIS, it was bigger on the inside.

Thanks as always for your support.

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    A day after I first reblogged this from BBCA (was busy with work) I found that I had been tweeted by the hosts of this...
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    Ok, I love you xx
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    ^ I think it’s impressive that the fandom managed to crash MovieTickets.com over one screening, though. xD
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    Still mad.
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    except…you’re completely missing...point. we’re not angry
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    Booooooo….didn’t get tickets. I even set up a TweetBeep for the sale announcement!
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    We were in the system also… movetickets.com #fail