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Same Word Different Spelling - Anglophenia

Brits and Americans speak the same language, but our words aren’t always spelled the same. The reason being (the short story) is that prior to dictionaries, there was no standardized spelling for the English language. Noah Webster’s An American Dictionary of the English Language was published in 1828, which veered away from some British spellings. You may notice this when emailing or Facebooking with a British friend. It’s funny when someone might correct you saying, “Check? No, it’s cheque.” Well, actually, it’s both. It just depends where you are. Let’s take a peek at some of the differences with the British spelling listed first!

1) Alumininium/Aluminum
2) Aeroplane/Airplane
3) Ageing/Aging
4) Analyse/Analyze
5) Arse/Ass
6) Catalogue/Catalog
7) Centre/Center
8) Colour/Color
9) Defence/Defense (Noung form)
10) Encyclopaedia/Encyclopedia
11) Esquimaux/Eskimos
12) Flavour/Flavor
13) Fulfil/Fulfill
14) Gaol/Jail
15) Jewellry/Jewelry
16) Licence/License
17) Lustre/Luster
18) Manoeuvre/Maneuver
19) Neighbour/Neighbor
20) Organise/Organize
21) Pernickety/Persnickety
22) Pretence/Pretense
23) Realise/Realize
24) Pyjamas/Pajamas
25) Sombre/Somber
26) Titbit/Tidbit
27) Theatre/Theater
28) Tyre/Tire
39) Whilst/While

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    I have the hardest time with me, I went to two different bilingual elementary schools, and one was an American System...
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    Well yeah, okay, but not in a fic context, most likely. Unless someone’s using it sarcastically.
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    *laughs* Well, unless you’re quoting the Constitution, anyway, w/r/t “shall”. Or trying to memorize amendments for exams...