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WATCH: Moffat on Casting Peter Capaldi on ‘Doctor Who’: ‘It Was a Shortlist of One Name’ | Anglophenia

Standing in front of the stage where only minutes before Peter Capaldi had been revealed as the Twelfth Doctor, Moffat appeared amazingly relaxed considering the situation but also somewhat excited that he could finally talk about one of the most highly prized secrets of the year.

He revealed that Peter Capaldi was not a name he had expected to be thinking of following Matt Smith’s decision to give up the Tardis but one that he kept on coming back to. Moffat even consulted his Sherlock producing partner Mark Gatiss who affirmed his belief that Capaldi would have what it takes to step into television’s longest running science-fiction franchise.

Calling the man best known for his role as government spin doctor Malcolm Tucker “famously brilliant,” Moffat said he had everything that matters to take control of the TARDIS: “He’s got that look, he has those Doctor eyes.”

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