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BBC America Celebrates Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary with the First Ever Live Simulcast from YouTube Space Los Angeles

BBC America Celebrates Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary with the First Ever Live Simulcast from YouTube Space Los Angeles


New York – November 19, 2013– Announced today,BBC AMERICA has partnered with Nerdist Industries to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with the first ever live simulcast pre-show from the YouTube Space Los Angeles. Hosted by Veronica Belmont, the Doctor Who 50th Live Pre-Show will air November 23, 2:30pm ET on BBC AMERICA and stream to audiences globally on BBC AMERICA’s YouTube channel ( just prior to the premiere of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special Doctor Who:The Day of The Doctor at 2:50pm ET.

Doctor Who 50th Live Pre-Show will be an all-out celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who and its passionate fans. As the world awaits the global simulcast of the anniversary special, the pre-show will feature a live curation of fan-created content being shared on social media from celebrations around the globe, plus chats with special guests including YouTube star Phil DeFranco.

Perry Simon, General Manager, BBC AMERICA commented: “Doctor Who has an amazing social media following and is enormously popular, with millions of views on YouTube. Partnering with YouTube on an innovative pre-show will enable fans everywhere to join our celebration of this groundbreaking series’ 50thanniversary.”

“We’re very excited to work with BBC AMERICA and Nerdist on this first ever simulcast from YouTube Space LA and are looking forward to welcoming Doctor Who fans and YouTube talents for a truly innovative pre-show experience connecting communities all across the world,” said Liam Collins, Head of YouTube Space LA.

Veronica Belmont, co-host of the science fiction and fantasy YouTube video show, audio podcast, and book club The Sword and Laser, added: “I’m happy to report that the live pre-show went off without a hitch, and that fans everywhere thoroughly enjoyed The Day of the Doctor. At least, they did in the time stream I just came from.”

Following the anniversary special, BBC AMERICA’s YouTube channel will host a YouTube-exclusive post-show at 4:00pm ET.  In addition, BBC AMERICA and BBC AMERICA’s YouTube channel will simulcast a primetime pre-show at 7:00pm ET, which will look at the day’s events ahead of BBC AMERICA’s primetime broadcast of the anniversary special.

The Doctor Who 50th Live Pre-Show will culminate a week-long Doctor Who week on YouTube, featuring content from popular YouTube channels like Nerdist, EmergencyAwesome, Doctor Puppet, PBS IdeaChannel, How to Cook That, and Rugburn.


Hey those guise at BBC America are having a Doctor Who marathon (its on right now) leading up to The Day of The Doctor and that’s pretty cool, but then we thought there should really be a pre-show that would be on TV on Saturday before the simulcast, but it should also be on YouTube and we’d probably want someone like, we don’t know, the Nerdist to make it.

But then there would have to be a Whovian from the internet like Veronica Belmont host it and then we’d want YouTubers as guests and instead of talking about themselves they’d be looking at Tumblr posts and Instagrams and replying to Twitter tweets and Vine vines by other Whovians celebrating all around the world and we’d ask viewers to do a fan challenge and we’d all have a big party there to celebrate The Day of the Doctor.

Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

Cool. Let’s do it. 

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